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Meteorological Data

The meteorological data pertaining to Punjab & Haryana Region can be obtained by needy users through Technical Section (TS) contact Phone Number 0172-2688585 (Extension Number 207, 218).

Types of Meteorological Data

         1. Rainfall (Hourly**, Daily, Monthly, Annual, Sub-divisional, Heavy Spells in 24Hrs, Extreme values Etc.)
         2. Temperature (Hourly**, Daily, Monthly, Maximum & Minimum, Extreme Values Etc.)
         3. Relative Humidity (Hourly**, Daily, Monthly) Surface Wind speed and directions
         4. Station Level/Mean Sea Level Pressure(Hourly**, Daily, Monthly)
         5. Amount and types of clouds observed (**Twice daily / 8 times daily)
         6. Various Weather phenomenon such as, visibility, occurrence of Thunderstorm etc.
         7. Climate Normals based on 1951-80 and 1961-90 data.
         8. Weather Reports on specific weather phenomenon such as heavy rainfall, storm etc.
         9. Windrose diagrams for selected stations.
** Available only for selected stations
Apart from the above data, there are various other special data that can be obtained from NDC, Pune and supplied to the needy users. Seimological data can be obtained from HQ at New Delhi .
Procedure to get the Data
Send the data request with the following particulars.
Type & Frequency of data - For example, Daily Temperature, Monthly Rainfall, Hourly RH, Normal (Long-period average), Wind speed etc.
Period of Requirement of data - For example, Jan 2004 to Dec 2004; Last 15 years Etc.
List of Stations - Stations for which data is required

Download Data Request Form

Once the above three factors are finalized, send your request by post /e-mail / in-person to the following address. All data requests should be addressed to:
The Director,
Meteorological Centre
Sector 39 C
Chandigarh PIN 160036

On receiving your request, this office will process your request and a 'Charge Intimation Letter', containing the availability of data, cost of data and payment mode etc., and 'Certificate of Undertaking' will be sent to you. Finally, the following documents are to be sent to get the data
          1. Duly filled and signed Data Request Form (If it is not provided in the initial correspondences.)
          2. Demand Draft(DD) for the amount mentioned in the Charge Intimation Letter. Payment should be made through DD favouring 'D.D.G.M., Regional Meteorological Centre, New Delhi payable at New Delhi. Payment made in the form of Cash / Money order WILL NOT be accepted. signed 'Certificate of Undertaking'.
         3. All correspondence related data supply will be entertain on email id

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