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  • Forecasting Services
  • Agromet Services
  • Monitoring/maintenance of observational network in Punjab and Haryana
  • Supply of Climatological information
  • Regional Maintenance Centre for maintenance of Automatic Weather Stations/ Automatic Raingauge station
  • Research and development unit
  • Special Aviation Forecasts and climatologically information are issued on occasion of the visits of VVIPs in the area i.e. Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh Administration from time to time.
  • Weather Forecast for cricket match and other sports is provided to organizers or media on requirements.
  • Information on weather and climate is provide to different sectors. e.g. Agriculture, Irrigation Revenue, Industries, Health, Education, Environment, Tourism and Sports as and when required.
  • Research & Development:- Various Research and Development activities are undertaken by this centre on following field
  • Monsoon
  • Climate Change
  • Agricultural Meteorology
  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Duststroms/Thunderstroms
  • Cold Waves
  • Heat waves
  • Frost
  • Fog


The agro-climatic classification is nothing but an extension of the climate classification keeping in view the suitability to agriculture. Earlier many methods have been devised for climatic classification and the most widely used classifications being Koeppen’s and Thronghwaite’s. Generally, the climate types may be distinguished on the rainfall, temperature and as these two characteristics are influenced by altitude, the climate can also be classified on the basis of above three parameters. National commission on agriculture (1971) classified the country into 127 agro-climatic zones. The planning commission has adopted agricultural Zones on the various parameters for agricultural planning. The soil climatic zones can be classified on the basis of rainfall, temperature and prevalent soil types in the region.

Agro-climatic Zones based on temperature

  • Annual Mean
  • Air Tempatature
  • Annual Rainfall
  • Altitude
  • Crops

Agro-climatic zones based on rainfall

  • Type
  • Rainfall
  • Air temperature
  • Altitude
  • Crops

Agro-climatic zones based on altitude

  • Altitude(m)
  • Temperature (oC)
  • Rainfall (cm)
  • Physi
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