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Tourist Guide

Chandigarh has well defined seasons and its climate varies widely. Temperatures in and around Chandigarh can vary from well near freezing in mid-winter to above 40oC in summer.The summer season from April to June is quite hot, and during the peak summer temperature can shoot above 40oC.
 By the end of June city receives pre- monsoon showers and the monsoon season lasts up to Second week of September. During this period weather is hot and sultry. The onset of autumn after mid September makes the weather cool, pleasant and Sunny, it remained like this till November end. The mid-winter period, i.e. December and January is generally bitterly cold with minimum temperature hovering around 4o-6oC.
 Late December and early January also experience dense fog in and around the city. March onward weather remains quite pleasant with comfortable temperature and humidity levels till the beginning of summers.
Best Time to Visit:
September - November
March – April
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